Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

Many people on Facebook have been posting daily, what they are thankful for.  I wasn't going to, then I wanted to, then it was too late to start. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and in celebration of 4 days off work while I spend time with my family, I am posting them ALL at ONE time right here on my blog. So here goes, in absolutely random order. Thirty things I am thankful for:

1. I have a Roof over my head. Nice ones, architectural shingles and all. Thanks to my husband for making that decision and getting those.  Though my house is not perfect, we are busting out at the seams, and I am anxious to start construction on our new house, I am very thankful for the one we have. 

2. The struggles I have been though.  Most specifically, the struggle to get pregnant/stay pregnant.  I have said to people many times, if "so and so pregnancy" ever happened, I would be stuck with some other kid.  I don't want some other kids, I like the ones I have! If I hadn't traveled the infertility path I was on for so long, I wouldn't be the mother that I am, I wouldn't have the kids that I have.  I would do it all over again, exactly the way it happened.

3. Reliable transportation. Two of them.  We love KIA! I am not as thankful for the car payments, but I am very thankful we are financially able to have two reliable vehicles (even if one of them IS a minivan).

4. My ears. Without them I couldn't hear the music. Music is all around you, all you have to do is....listen (August Rush).

5. My eyes and not so perfect vision. Without them I couldn't see the beautiful colors of the fall leaves.

6. My place of employment.  I love my job and I love the people I work with.  I am so thankful that I don't ever dread going to work, that I enjoy what I do, that I have found a career, that I help people, I have stability and that I get to constantly learn.

7.  I am a mom of twins. I just love it and everything about it. Coolest thing I have ever done.

8.  My first born, Lyla.  I am so thankful that she is growing into the most compassionate person I know. 

9. My first born twin, Olivia.  I am so thankful that she is strong and independent and an absolute doll.

10.  My second born twin, Sean. I am so thankful that his laughter can change your mood, instantly.

11. My mother.  I am thankful we have such a close relationship, she is my best friend, always there for me, and understands me (most of the time!)

12. My mother in law.  I am thankful for the son she raised. I am thankful she is my children's Nana, and I am thankful that we are such close friends.

13.  I am thankful for my 8 brothers and 5 sisters, and all their children! Each of them are so special to me. I am thankful for my oldest sister Jacqui.  I have no idea what I would do without her and our talks.

14.  My city, Chattanooga.  I am thankful for it's beauty and the community of people that make this city so compassionate.

15.  The kids Learning Center. I am so thankful that I trust the people that take care of my kids each day.  I am thankful for the education they are getting and the life lessons they are learning.

16.  I am thankful for my curly hair because I can let it air dry.  If I had straight hair and had to blow dry it, I would have to get up even earlier every morning.

17.  I am thankful I am a passionate person. I believe that is what continues to get me far in life.

18.  I am thankful for my relationship with God.  I am learning and growing every day.  I am thankful that He loves me and is always there for me and made the ultimate sacrifice, for me.

19.  I am thankful for forgiveness.  I am thankful for people that have forgiven me, the ability I have to forgive people, and most importantly that He forgives me daily no matter how much I disappoint Him. 

20.  The March of Dimes. I am thankful for this great organization and all of it's volunteers. I am thankful for the life saving medicines we have because of them. Without them, my babies and many other babies, wouldn't have survived.

21.  My church.  I am thankful for being a part of Journey Chattanooga where they love God and they love people.  It's as simple (and complicated) as that. I am thankful I found a place to worship and grow in my faith, while learning most of it for the first time, and feel comfortable and like I belong.

22.  My iPhone.  Some have called me super woman.  My iPhone is my cape.  I am thankful for the evolving technology that helps me keep up with increasing demands of life.

23.  Facebook.  I am thankful for social media because it has brought me together with old friends, family members and keeps me up to date with the people I care about even though I don't get out often. And thankful because it satisfies my very social appetite!

24. My camera.  I am thankful that my camera captures memories for me. I love pictures and I love documenting every moment in life. One day, someone is going to thank me for the millions of photos I have.

25. My crochet talent.  I am thankful for my ability to crochet and earn some extra money.  But I am most thankful because I finally realized that I am good at something and that I wasn't skipped over when talent was being handed out.

26.  Netflix.  I am thankful that my daughter can operate Netflix and occupy herself while I cook, clean, or sleep.

27.  All music.  I am thankful for every type of music.  It  is all beautiful in it's own way. Even if I don't like it, I respect it.  I am thankful that music can take me places that only music can reach.

28.  My blog.  My long term memory sucks so I am thankful that I will have something to give my kids to read one day, and hopefully give them a little insight into what their childhood was like and know without a doubt: they are loved, they are wanted, and they are my EVERYTHING.

29. My husband.  I am thankful that he knows me in every way. I am thankful that he is a true partner in my life. I am thankful that he helps out anywhere I need him.  I am thankful that he never complains and always puts me and the kids first. I am thankful that he has passion for volunteering and caring for others. I am thankful that he asked me to marry him. I am thankful that he puts up with me. I am thankful that he is mine.

30. My dad and step mom. I am thankful that we got to spend summers with them and we did so many family activities and I have so many fun memories.

I have SO much to be thankful for. It's amazing how easy it is to come up with 30 things.  I could easily come up with 30 more! But I will hold those to myself until next year.....

I hope every one has a fantastic Thanksgiving :)

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