Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Hammers and Nails" the twins turn FOUR!

It's been a while since I posted, simply because I have SOOO much to post. So many amazing memories, thoughts, pictures that it is so overwhelming where to even start that I just don't do it. In fact I honestly forgot how to post a new blog for a second.
However, it is birthday time and I am quite proud of the birthday party we just threw for Sean and Liv, who turned four. Yes, four. Not sure how that happened since they were JUST born.
There was a lot of interest in the party theme we chose for them this year as it is unique and we came up with it completely on our own. I knew I wanted to do a party at The Home Depot because it was different, but I just didn't know how to incorporate a girly theme for my sweet Liv. I discussed a few ideas with my husband ....hammers and bows, tools and crowns, He came up with Hammer and Nails, as in fingernails. Winner! Was very proud of his creative moment. Now, leave the rest up to me....

First I had to order the outfits and do the birthday photos. I immediately went to my niece who owns and operates Pickle Fish and she came up with the idea for the shirts.
I ordered tool belts from Amazon, the are the born tough brand.
Plastic hats from Amazon as well.

We recently moved to our new wonderful, awesome home, and I no longer have the wooden fence we use as a backdrop, so I found this cute little cabin at a retirement home minutes from our house. I love it even better!
I loved how it all turned out.

I used the wonderful ladies at my work  to do my design and printing again. We have these all on file, Leave a comment if you are interested in ordering any of these customized materials.
I did the usual, invitation, banner, water bottle labels and thank you tags.

The Home Depot was fantastic to work with. They normally only host these parties for 12 kids as it is a small room but with double the birthday comes double the guests. The did their best to accommodate 24 kids!
When you book a party with them and purchase the package it comes with all the paperware, balloons, building kits, paints, stickers, and they set it all up.
This was the less stressful, most fun birthday party to plan yet!

We welcomed each kid with their own Home Depot apron

The kids all began with building their kits with the help of adults and then painting them. We choose the toolbox kit since it went best with our theme. They have a few to choose from. It was chaos and noise at it's best. 24 hammers all banging down at once. It was awesome!

We had a nail painting station set up and my sister gave all the girls manicures. The girls loved it!

We then had some snacks. It was a morning birthday so we did fruit, pretzel sticks and doughnut holes. Easy. Yummy.

Time for happy birthday singing and cake time! Yesterday, I asked the twins if they each wanted their own birthday song and they said in unison "No, we want our names together". Can they stay like this forever? My heart melted, so sweet.
I opted for cake pops because I knew it was going to be a tight squeeze and lots going on. Minimizing the mess was definitely a priority. Another mom at my daughter's school made the cake pops and even went the extra mile and set them up in a tool box. It was perfect and they were delicious!!
We got them each their own doughnut for the candles. This was after I lost count how many doughnut holes they had eaten.

Time for presents. They went all in, opening left and right, paper flying, toys opening, chaos. They had so much fun! I have no idea who got what but that is OK, I just hope everyone knows how much we appreciate every single gift. They really got some great stuff, we are so thankful

Every birthday my sister makes them a keepsake number. They spent the last two days guessing what theirs would be!

We handed out some simple goody bags to add to their tool boxes they got to take home. Some squishy hammers, annies crackers and annies gummies and then the girls got a lil something extra...nail polish and emory board.

It appears all of the kids had a fantastic time but most importantly Sean and Liv had a blast celebrating with their friends.
Happy Birthday my miracle babies!!

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