Friday, August 9, 2013

Kindergarten Rocks!

The day has come and went, and it was as exciting as we all had hoped.  My oldest child, Lyla, had her first day of Kindergarten.

I have not been sad at all about this day.  I have probably confused every mom out there.  I haven't even gotten choked up at the whole situation.  Keep in mind, I didn't cry during the movie "PS I Love You" while pregnant, during a girls night out.  They said I had a heart of stone.  I normally only cry when people get married, engaged or find out they are pregnant.

I was more excited than anything else. Excited for the endless opportunities at her fingers tips, excited for all that she is going to learn, all the new friendships, the community of school our family is joining, finally having a new schedule and new things to do. 

To add to that excitement, she got into the magnet school we had been praying about. It is based off of a lottery system. We didn't win but were placed #9 on the waiting list. Not sure how many people entered the lottery for a total of 18 spots I think it was, but I knew it was in the 100's.  The fact that we got 9th on the list, was amazing. I figured we would roll over our waiting list and pray that we got in to 1st 2nd or 3rd grade. After that, we would quit trying.
During our summer vacation we got a very unexpected phone call that they had a spot for Lyla!
One week later, we were officially getting her registered!

Two months later, I was packing my very first school lunch! (Which by the way, was the coolest feeling ever. I know, I am such a geek).

Prayers Answered. We are so grateful!

The night before I got all of her clothes laid out, including her personalized "Kindergarten Rocks" tshirt. Made her a bow, by Yarn Therapy with a personalized crayon.  I get so much joy out of doing stuff like that. It's just fun! 
Right before she went to bed, we measured her to see how tall she was just so we could try again in the morning to see if she got any bigger. After all, she was going to be a kindergartner in the morning...she would have to be bigger!
I didn't sleep the night before.  I kept waking up with an excited but nervous tummy. Finally my alarm went off and I jumped out of bed. As it was time to wake the kids up, Lyla woke up immediately, and happily (super rare!) and shouted "let's measure me to see if I am taller!".  As expected, she of course was.

Tim normally takes the kids in the morning, but I did this day so I could be a part of Lyla's phase in day.  He helped me get everyone ready and school supplies loaded in the van. Lyla and I went out side to do her first day of Kindergarten picture. I was thrilled how it turned out. Yes, I spelled veterinarian wrong. Let's just hope Lyla gets a better education than I did, hahaha!

We drop off the twins at their daycare. Lyla of course had to go say hello to her teachers. It was a tearful departure (for teacher, not Lyla, she was ready!).  Her new school is literally 1 minute away. So convenient!
We all met in the cafeteria, talked with the other moms, met some other kids, and headed to their new class!

We got to spend the morning with them, learning how circle time works, where all the centers are, and everything else works that we need to know. 
Lyla knows one girl in her class from daycare, which is great. They spent the whole day by each other's side.
Lyla fit right in, was outspoken when called on (and sometimes when not) and wasn't shy a bit. I was a little surprised at how comfortable she was.  She is definitely the smallest and youngest in her class but I don't think she will have any issues at all.

We read books, did activities, a listening center, arts and crafts. It was exhausting and that was just 1/2 a day with concentrating only one one student. I definitely have even more respect for our teachers and homeschooling parents. Something I wouldn't' ever be able to do.

We all lined up for lunch and I got to eat in the cafeteria with her. It was a great way to end my visit.  I realized at that point, this "phase in" day is for the parents, not the students.  They all were just fine!!

The moms all left after lunch, I didn't cry, I didn't get choked up, didn't even feel sad. I just felt really really happy about this new chapter in life.

I went back a few hours later to pick her up. I have never done the car line before, but it looked intense. After about 10 minutes of the cars not even budging and that was just to turn down the road that gets to the car line....I couldn't wait anymore. I was terrified of her thinking I wasn't going to pick her up. So I pulled out and parked at a university lot across the street, walked over there and got her myself. It was much easier.

We got home, and I got her school station all set up. This is where her bag, homework, notes to myself, daddy, teacher, everything school...will go. The thought of our dining room table getting even more cluttered made me feel panicked. A quick trip to Target and a command hook solved that.

I hope everyone has a happy school year!

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