Sunday, August 18, 2013

5 year old Cowgirl

Five years ago, I was laying in the hospital on my 32nd birthday in labor.  I was certain that my first born would be born on my birthday, but nope. She wanted her own Day. 27 hours later, Lyla arrived. You can read a part of her birth story here.

I just finished making cupcakes for her Kindergarten class. I am pretty sure this is how I am going to be spending my birthday night the next few years. Blogging about her party and making cupcakes for her class. Not sure there is any other way I would want to spend it. I love 'sharing' a birthday with her. It is so special to both of us.

We decided to celebrate her birthday a week early. Our best friends were out of town the weekend of her actual birthday, and Lyla is slightly obsessed with their daughter.  They are best friends too, and we couldn't imagine celebrating without them. Unfortunately, that meant that some of her classmates weren't able to attend as they were out of town, but we still had a great turn out and lots of fun.

We originally intended to have a cowgirl party at my in laws horse farm, but Lyla insisted on having it at the Creative Discovery Museum. She was downright passionate it about having it there. I was a little disappointed. I had so many great ideas for her cowgirl themed party, on a real cowgirl farm! But, we granted her little wish. It was a good thing too. This summer has been chilly and rainy, and her party day was no different. It would've been rained out and most likely canceled.  
A week before her party, I did a little photo shoot up at the farm before her horse show. Read about that here (link come soon).

Bow and necklace by Yarn Therapy
Shirt by Lady Bug Couture

The museum has a strict limit on how many people we could invite. That is always my biggest problem at any party that is at a paid venue.  In order to invite everyone she wanted we limited it to 1 child and 1 adult per invite, and that worked out very well. We were able to invite all the kids she wanted. But it meant a lot of our adult family couldn't come. So, we planned a hot dog cookout at our house directly afterwards. It made for a exhausting but fun day. The cookout almost got rained out, but we managed to sneak some dry time in.
Some photos from the fun times at the Museum

(Pinterest visitors - email me if you would like any of the printable files)

Present time! This girl racked up on cowgirl stuff and horse toys. She was in heaven, loved and appreciated every single gift.

Goody bags made with bandana and rope, filled with horse figures, bouncy balls, horse stickers, horse necklaces and bandana bracelets. Everything a cowgirl and cowboy need. These were my favorite goody bags I have put together, and turned out adorable. I printed personalized tags at DivCo as the perfect finishing touch.

Everyone had a great time at the museum. They give a great, easy, party. All you have to do is bring the kids! We ended up bringing a few snacks...carrots, grapes and pretzels with cheese. But they take care of everything else. It was a nice change.

Directly after the party, we headed back to our house to get ready for the cookout.  The rain held off, we hung the pinata, cooked the dogs, and had a fun evening with the family. We had cake leftover from the museum, so why not sing again for my little princess? 

Alexis getting everyone's attention for the big birthday song

While we were singing happy birthday to her, she closed her eyes, put a big smile on her face, and soaked it all in!

Just a few more presents, including a handmade doll by my mom!

I told her tonight at dinner, "I can't believe you are going to be 5 tomorrow. You aren't going to be my little baby anymore!". She responded with a little attitude, "mommy, I am not your little baby right now!". Ha. True, true my big girl.

Thank you to everyone that has spoiled, loved, and wished my baby big girl a happy birthday. It has meant so much to both of us! 

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