Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fresh Mexi Salsa: may cause addictive behavior!

By request, here is the recipe for my very favorite salsa.  The kind I eat until I get sick, then I eat some more.  YUMMMM. I have taken this dish to a few family events, work, club meetings, etc.  Always a hit.
I got the basic salsa recipe at a pampered chef party, then my friend Jenny had the idea to add corn/black beans to it.  And together, we made magic....

1/2 white onion
jalepeno, de seeded
1/2 lime 
1/2 cup of fresh cilantro (or more if you are like me)
1-2 cloves of garlic
1 package of plum tomatoes
salt and pepper 
1 can of black beans
1 can of corn

I use the Pampered Chef manual food processor.  Love this little thing, it rocks!


  • In the chopper add: onion, cilantro, squeeze the lime, pressed garlic glove, dash of salt and pepper, jalapeno.  process until all ingredients and finely chopped

  • Add in 1/2 the package of tomatoes, process until they are finely chopped.  

  • Add in the last half of tomatoes and process until they finely chopped.

  • Empty processor into large bowl

  • drain corn, add to bowl

  • drain and rinse black beans, add to bowl

  • thoroughly mix all ingredients

  • enjoy with tortilla chips!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Busy busy AHHHHHHHH busy!

Wasn't sure what else to title my post. It's been a pretty busy September and I had to get a good scream out before I explode.

So here is my predictable "I am so busy I haven't blogged, I will get better" post. No, my blogging honeymoon isn't over, I have really just been that busy!! And that is what this post is all about. What we have been doing the past few weeks.

The thing that is keeping me the most busy is work. It is balls to the wall non stop August through November. I mean I am always busy and never caught up. But in the fall it is, "I am so busy I feel like I am going to crawl into a hole and quiver uncontrollable", busy.
I have been working later in the day than normal which causes issues in our schedule. But we work through it. Oh. Did I mention it is Tim's crunch time at work? Yup it is. Our biggest argument in the fall is who is busier and who should get to work late. Yeah, we are pretty weird. Or dedicated? By the way, I think I should win the I am busier argument. If you add in home duties, cooking, yarn therapy, social life, clubs, and so on.... I am busier dammit!!!
I have been going to bed about 1am and up at 5am just to get it all done. And I am not even getting it all half done. Not looking for pity, not complaining about my job, wouldn't change a thing! Just looking for a little understanding and patience I suppose. From who I don't really know.  Just anyone! Pat me on the back and feed me cheese.  I will be OK.

Tim and I did take time out of our busy work day schedule to go tour a couple of schools this week for Lyla to attend kindergarten next year. Taking the time off, six hours in total, is honestly what put my work week into a tail spin, but that is ok. Her future is top priority and I will do whatever it takes. We have started the process to apply to two of the local magnet schools. It is now based off a lottery. In order to enter your name in the lottery you must follow four steps which include tours and seminars and after that is complete, then you get to apply.
Magnet schools are public schools that aren't zoned by location like your traditional schools. They are open to everyone in the county, from what I can tell have the same type of funding, but have much higher test scores.  I personally believe it is because of the increase in parental involvement. I mean look what they have to go through just to get in!  No matter where our kids go, we will be involved parents and I will make damn sure they get a good education. You know me, I will sign up for every single thing they will let me, plus some!
I am so grateful that my husband is equally interested and determined to give our kids the best opportunities. He went on both tours with me, and we will be going to all the seminars together.

Our crazy busy month was due to some fun stuff as well! One night, we took the whole family to the Lookouts game.  Tim was honored as community service student of the year at University of Phoenix!! I was so incredibly proud of him.  He got to throw out (one of) the first pitch, was given an award and had a great reception with food and drinks.  We had so much fun, and took lots of great pictures.  I will be blogging about it, and when I do you can read it here. Community Service award at the Lookouts

A couple of weeks ago, we took a overnight trip out of town to Nashville.  Though I worked the entire time by phone and email, we managed to squeeze in a concert.  We saw Motley Crue and KISS, and it was awesome!!!!! We went with some dear friends who we don't get to see nearly often enough.  I will definitely be blogging about this concert, you can read it here. KISS and Crue

A few nights after we got back from Nashville, we attended the March of Dimes Signature Chef Gala.  We were honored to be the mission family. It was a beautiful event, and a fun night out with friends.  And in all my spare time, will be blogging about this as well, here. (no link yet, coming soon!)

What else has happened the last few weeks? Lyla's hop a thon! She raised lots of money, was one of the top fundraisers.  She learned many valuable lessons, and I am so thankful to the staff at her daycare.  Here are some cute pictures from the day...

Lyla and Ms Jo being interviewed by the local news
story can be found by clicking
Chattanooga Area Kids Get Lesson In Disability Awareness Courtesy the MDA 
(yes that is Lyla kissing a goat in the back ground of the news video clip)

And lastly, the CAMOMC (Chattanooga Area Moms of Multiples Club) consignment sale.  I decided to set up a vendor table for my side hobby business, Yarn Therapy.  I was incredibly nervous about it.  I didn't have any displays or show pieces, nothing really.  Regardless and hesitantly I signed up.  A few weeks before I went into panic mode and started making stuff. A few days before, I went into super panic mode and went and bought some displays. My hidden creativity came out, and voi la...table ready!

My friend and co-worker Jenny joined me.  She made some awesome little kitchen scrubbers that are crocheted, and some crochet washcloths.  She also had some hair friendly hair ties, which were a big hit! We are thinking about listing them on my Etsy site for a reasonable price.  These are very popular lately, but for way too high of a price. So we may possibly sell them, for cheaper!

I ended up doing very well my self.  I got a few new customers, took a decent amount of custom orders and sold some stuff off my table.  I have a bunch of stuff from last year that the kids wore, and some "practice" items that are imperfect that I sold as clearance items.  I am going to list those on Etsy, and move them out!

I am so glad I ended up doing it.  The sale wasn't that busy, however it was definitely worth it.  Besides the sales I got, I got a nice big dose of confidence.  The positive feedback was appreciated.  I finally feel like I possibly have a good product that people want! It has been a slow start, but that is also because I don't do this full time.  I make, market, advertise and fulfill 9pm - 11pm at night.  That isn't a lot of time to do more than I am doing. And that is OK. Because the moment Yarn Therapy feels like a "job" is the moment I go on vacation.  I already have a job, I am certainly not looking for another one.  It was born out of the need for something to relax and soothe me.  So far, we are still in the relaxing mode.
I even managed to make some new hats while at the show, they have been a huge hit! They are named the "Lisa" hat and are only $22 plus shipping.  Named after one of my best friends who I first made it for.

Lyla wearing an adult hat.  It actually looks really cute on her and just has extra slouch in the back.

So it is Sunday night.  The end of the hardest week I have had since being a career mom.  Thank you Lord it ended on a good note. The weekend started off pretty rough.  Lyla had a fever, Sean was vomiting, I had a migraine and I left work in shambles for Monday morning.
Lyla at my office on Friday, poor baby

Today we made it to church (yay!!) and I had breakfast with all the Journey Church kid volunteers.  What an amazing group of people.  What they are doing with the kids is so amazing.  I am so happy my kids are growing up to love Christ, and to love others.
After church we came home and all five of us took a looooooong nap.  I fell asleep thinking about all the things I had to do.  You know, the constant to do list that you can't turn off? I somehow turned it off and took a two hour nap.  Yay me.  Then I took all the kids outside and we played with sidewalk chalk, rode tricycles, went down the slide, played frisbee.  It was great.  I love that the twins are walking now.  Between that and the weather not being so blazing hot, we will probably be spending every evening outside!
future artist

future La Cross player

The twins got pretty filthy outside, so it was straight to the bath tub

Tim then went and got us Moe's for dinner, yummmm.  Just the thought of the extra cilantro on my joey bag of donuts is making my mouth water.
black bean beard

After dinner, I planned out meals for next week, made a grocery list and then Tim went to the store for me.  See how awesome he is?

Looking at next weeks calendar, I think we may possibly have a somewhat chill week. Here's hoping!

Here are some favorite random pictures from instagram and facebook from the last few weeks
my favorite "twin" moment so far. Their first time on a tricycle and they did it together

I like big bows and I cannot lie

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tripp'letts update

Lyla had her well check a week ago, and the twins the week before so I figured it would be a good time to do a kid update.

Lyla, at 4 year check up is weighing in at 33 pounds, and I forgot her height :(  She is going to make the switch to 4T clothes soon, but only because the season is changing.  She could probably stay in 3T for longer.  My sweet little girl.  Though, if you call her little her response will be: "I am NOT little, I am petite!".  
She got to pee in a cup for the first time ever.  She wasn't quite sure what to think of it.  I finally had to bribe her with a lollipop.  She also had a vision test, and scored amazing.  She must get it from her father. I am nearly blind.  However, he did notice that one eye goes crossed sometimes.  He made her an appointment with the Ophthalmologist whom we will go see next week.  Since we know her vision is great, it must be muscle related and could require minor surgery.  I am hoping a patch will do the trick.  It worked for me when I was the same age with the same problem.
She got 4 shots.  Which she asked for! Literally! She told the nurse she wanted "pour" shots because she was "pour".  Well, she got them.  It was awful.  She kept looking at me saying "mommy, no no no, ouchie! ouchie!".  I had to hold back my tears and be strong for her. She cried for a good while after the shots.  She obviously was more heartbroken than anything.  Our dear nurse came in with a photo copy of the movie that was playing in the waiting room.  Lyla had been talking non stop about the horse movie, and really wish we had it.  After her visit, her daddy took her to the store and of course got her that movie.  How could we not after that traumatic experience?
Her Godly gift of compassion is becoming very clear.  We as parents are trying to encourage that in her and help her grow that gift.  I am thankful that she attends a preschool that works in the community and teaches them about volunteering, fundraising and helping others.  Not sure I could do as good of a job as they do!  Besides that, she loves to people please.  Which can be a great characteristic, but it can also be a curse if you don't learn how to balance it.  Trust me, I know this.  We will teach her how to stand up for herself but without hurting others.
She just started her "preK4" class at her daycare.  She has a list of site words that we have been working on at home.  After the first week she can say, recognize, spell and write Apple and See.  She is keeping right up with the older kids in her class.  I know I am her mom and all, but I think she may be gifted :)

waiting for her shots
her post shots movie treat
getting pretty good at bike riding
Princess CinderLyla

her first try of writing Apple

Lyla's first day as a Frog (last class before Kindergarten!)

Sean, 15 month check up is weighing in at 23 pounds.  He is healthy and growing right on schedule, with the exception of a few ear infections.  I bet he will have to have tubes soon.  I won't be looking forward to it, but  I know it makes a world of difference and is well worth it.  His big sister hasn't had a single ear infection since her tubes.
He is still Mr. Sensitive, but is getting better and better at self soothing and independent play.  As long as he can come crawl in my lap, cuddle for a minute, and then go back to play, he is fine.  He continues to eat healthy.  His favorite food is still broccoli (I know, little weirdo. Right?)
He has added a few words on to his vocabulary: ball (ba), Uh OH, dada, mama, thank you (dat chu), Lyla (ay ya) and a few others.  He is finally walking! He still crawls, but just recently in the past couple of days dropped it down to about 25%.  I think he finally learned to slow it down and take one step at a time.  He brings his knees up and to the side with every step, so he looks a little spastic when he walks, and it is very entertaining.
He loves to read and turn the pages and point at every picture and say "eh?".  He is very inquisitive and wants to know about everything.
Sean still has NO teeth. The doctor said that if they don't show up at their next well visit (now, only 2 months away) we will need to send him for xrays to make sure he has teeth.  So if he doesn't, do they make baby dentures?
With the change of season, we will be moving him into 24 month clothes.  Wow.  It seems like I was just shopping for 0-3 month clothes a couple of months ago.

Olivia, 15 month check is weighing in at 22 pounds.  She is closing the gap with Sean! Geez, can't imagine why.  It couldn't be the mounds and mounds of food she eats, could it? Her appetite is still very healthy.  She will try new foods, and loves every single one.  I haven't found a single food she doesn't like.  She even ate salmon the other night (yuck!).
The doctor noticed that she may also have a case of an eye crossing, and will be joining Lyla at the Opthamologist appointment.
She can also say: ball, Uh Oh, dada, mama, thank you, Lyla and a few others.  There is no leader in the talking race, though Sean does babble more.  Alot more.  However, Liv is definitely winning the mobile race.  This girl is almost running.  She can get around by foot 100% of the time and no longer crawls at all. That belly of hers must be a gas tank, because she has got some speed!
She has become a little more dependent on me.  I really like it though since she has never been a cuddler and more independent.  Just in the past few weeks, she has a fit when I leave the room or put her down.  She wants to be held alot more.  But when she doesn't want to be held, she will let you know.  If she isn't in one of her "moods" she is great at independent play.  Well, if Sean isn't around.  They fight a whole lot over toys. It can get pretty bad.  It makes it hard for me to do anything around the house other than sit in the playroom and play with them.  If I leave them alone, they can hurt each other.  But if I separate them, they get upset they can't see one another! Not that I mind playing with them every moment we are home. But someone has to cook and do laundry! Ohhh Tim!
With the change of season, she will be moving into 12-18 month clothes, though she could really stand to move up now. 

They are both still in size 3 diapers. It seems like it's been almost a year since they were in this size!!! They are both still on a great schedule.  Bed at 7:30, up for school at 6:30.  Bless my sleeping babies :)

happy and healthy babies

they love to go grocery shopping, Sean took the wheel on this trip

goofy babies

Playing games with Laura
Fun at Chuck E Cheese
They sometimes will all play together nicely, for a minute