Monday, October 22, 2012

KISS and Motley Crue

I was so excited to hear that Motley Crue and KISS were coming to Nashville, September 4th 2012.  And I was so excited to hear that my husband actually said he would go! He puts in his husbandly duty and attends 1 concert every couple of years with me.  Once I got the "OK", I immediately called my rock n roll friends.  And voi la, an out of town trip was born!
The six of us...myself, Tim, Geoff, Carrie, Stacy and Murphy headed up to Nashville early, checked in the hotel room, had a couple of adult beverages, went out for dinner, then headed to Bridgestone arena.  I had so much fun with this group of people! We don't get to hang out nearly often enough. It was nice to have adult time with old friends.  

Our seats weren't all that great (well, except for Geoff and Carrie's, they ended up front row...jealous!!!).  Motley Crue's sound was awful.  For some reason, the sound was muffled, below us and just terrible.  You could hardly make out the songs, unless you knew their music well.  Which, I I sang right along! I watched Nikki Sixx most of the night anyways.  He's my favorite :)

KISS came on stage afterwards.  I have seen them many times, and I suppose I just forgot how much I loved them! When they came out and started up, I exploded with excitement! They put on a great show, and Yes, I love the music too!!!!

The rest can be told through pictures.....

next concert? Aerosmith in Nashville, this December.  With my girl Stacy!! It will be her first Aerosmith concert, and I am honored to be the one who gets to take her :)

this was my favorite picture all night! notice I am using my KISS lighter which is what I use nightly to heat seal my ribbon for my Yarn Therapy bows.  Yeah, I know.  SOO Rock N Roll :)

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