Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog or not?

I am surfing the web planning the twins 1st birthday party. Raggedy Ann and Andy items are hard to come by. So, a lot of web surfing was required. I ventured into the blogging world, reading strangers' posts about RnR parties they have thrown, and stealing some ideas. Then I read further into their blogs. Then I got a little jealous. I was thinking, what neat little moments in history they are leaving behind for their kids to read!
I have tried blogging a few times. I just don't have the motivation to get into it.
1. I hate writing
2. I hate reading
3. I update the world with my constant facebooking, so not really feeling the need for a blog.
I need help with that last one. Give me some reasons why blogging is better!!

If I do blog. Where do I start? I have so many stories to tell. I can't very well start with the present and ignore the past when it was so vital to how I got here now. Hm, that is a lot of typing. What's a busy full time working mom to do?