Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lake Winnie

February 13th Remembering Lake Winne

I haven't been to Lake Winnie since like, the 10th grade? That was *&#@!*& years ago. Alot of years ago. I never really thought about going with the kids, because I honestly, I forgot about Lake Winnie. Yeah, I hear about people going but just either didn't think my kids were old enough or the amusement park was fun enough.
A wonderful person I go to church with had some free tickets and offered them to our family. We were so grateful!!! We even had enough to invite some friends, so Greg, Alexis and Alana joined us. We had soooo much fun and it will definitely be an annual trip.

The park hasn't changed much, but they did add on a water park! We went the week after the water park closed for the season (beginning of September), which was actually nice. It wasn't very busy and there were hardly any lines to wait in.

Liv REALLY enjoyed her ice cream

The cooling off sprinklers turned into a water park for Sean

Hated it...Hated it....Loved it.....

Only awesomely handsome daddy's can pull off a green turtle hanging on their back

Right after Greg and Alexis came off this ride, I was in line to get on. As I was walking towards my seat, a giant lightening bolt and thunder came out of the sky. We ran for cover and then the downpour came. One strong thunderstorm rolled through. It passed pretty quickly and cooled things down. It got scary for a minute!
We rode the indoor fun house ride a couple more times, then called it a day. Six hours at the park was just enough for everyone!

Oh what fun. Can't wait for this year!
(on a side note, just got the call that school is out tomorrow too. This winter won't go away!!!!!!!! I am just going to lose myself in blogging all the warm and fun days we have had)

I {heart} Fall

February 13th 2014 ( spending this Snow day catching my blog up to date!)

Fall is always one of my favorite times of year.  For one thing, the weather, so many activities to choose from and places to be...but mostly because Jacqui and Selah visit!!

By the time September rolled around, we were well into the new school year. I LOVE Lyla being in public school. I LOVE CSAS. I LOVE being a kindergartner parent. So much, I am going to write all about it someday soon.
I was bummed out to hear that CSAS had a dance program, but for grades 3 and up. I messaged the teacher, and boy was my timing great. She was putting together a K-12 program. Lyla started the next week. She loves it. Ms. Whitney is a great teacher, and has a Lilah of her own, same as as my Lyla. She teaches tap and jazz and mixes in ballet. This is the first time that Lyla has enjoyed a dance program, and stuck with it.

She isn't a natural by any means, but she makes it her own, that is for sure! Check out this hilarious video of her "Jazz walk".

Shopping at Target, I had to take a picture of one of the advertisements. Looks just like Sean!!

Twinkie butts!!! 

We wanted to sign Lyla up for a sport, so we decided to try Tennis out. She loves it, and does quite well!

Another blue ribbon at the final horse show of the season

Twin time cuddles (pretending to be asleep, soooo busted!)

Grandparents night at CSAS

Random fun moments

Surprise trip to Coolidge Park after school (wow, reliving the fall is really making me despise all the snow outside. I am SOOO excited for days filled with HEALTHY children and outside fun)

One Saturday, we decided to eat lunch at a mexican resaturant on the river, and discovered we were allowed to go play on the "island" all to ourselves.

The last night of Riverfront Nights. Met the family out and enjoyed live music.  

we met up with friends, and the kids made their own fun

Alexis and Lyla bungee jumped and had a blast!

During the beginning of Kindergarten year, Lyla also joined girl scouts. This right after she earned her first patch for reciting the girl scout pledge.

I dressed them in eachother's pajamas. It turned into a barrel of laughs and giggles.

Playdate with preschool friends. They all missed each other so much!

Lily, Lyla, Maggie

Mommy isn't the only one that has crazy hair in the morning 

Practicing sight words and making sentences. Her first sentence ever was about her teacher being her friend

Tim and I participated in a charity kickball event and were a part of team "Bruisers". We dominated and took home the tournament trophy!

Designed my first new hat for the upcoming winter season

days later, he is still infatuated with all things kickball

Lyla and I joined coworker Laura and Megan for "Feed My Starving Children" event 

Another sweet random moment, this time they are not pretending to sleep

So much fun with Becca, Casey and Rachel painting a Chattanooga scene at Spirited Art.

Picnic at Coolidge Park ended in a cartwheel contest. I did not win. I don't think anyone did. We were all pretty horrible.

Ronald McDonald Childrens Autumn Festival and it was HOT

Libby, Alexis and Alana came over for a visit. And so began the girls first garage rock band ::tear::: proud mama

My mom made me this awesome knitted wreath for our front door

Tennis practice, she has come so far, has great form and makes alot of contact with the ball (even hit the coach a few times, oh yeah!!!)

It was time for Jacqui and Selah to visit, yay!!!!!! As usual, I had a very fun itinerary scheduled. As usual, I am not in control and I was reminded of that. Lyla came up with a vicious fever the first day they were here. We missed visiting her class room and eating lunch at her school. We decided to go to the mall instead and let Lyla rest in the stroller. She did not want to miss out, so we made the day as fun as possible for her. She was such a trooper

Selah found her own store!

Sick as can be (didn't know it at the time, but she had the flu), hanging on to her new prized possession, Jasmine the Parrot.

Later at home, twin playing hungry hungry hippo.  Very entertaining to two year olds.

The next day, Lyla was too ill to go out so she stayed at home while we all went to Coolidge Park to enjoy the gorgeous day

This is what we came home to. Lyla so ill, getting some fresh air outside.

Same as last year, we wanted to take the kids to Old McDonald's Farm. Little did we know at the time, Lyla had the flu and Selah just started with it.  Lyla was on a good day, and managed to enjoy herself. Poor dear Selah got on the tractor, took a picture, sat in the stroller and went to sleep. Jacqui and Mom ended up taking her home when it was obvious that she was also sick.
We met up with DJ, Casey, Alonie and Ethan. Greg, Alexis and Alana met up with us too.

On Monday, I had to take a sick Liv with me to work. Right after this picture she threw up on me, ha!

Went to the doctor, this is when we found out it was the Flu that everyone had. We were the first family at the children's hospital to be diagnosed for the season. Awesome.

Guess who was next.....

10 miserable days later, everyone was healthy.  Lyla had a classmates birthday party where they could dress up as super heroes. I crocheted a wonder woman set for Lyla. I love how it turned out!

Fall festival at EKids, set up a Yarn Therapy booth

Lyla's handmade costume. She is a rainbow clydesdale unicorn

Pebbles and Bam Bamm

Our neighbor friend Elizabeth's birthday party

Our friends eloped, and came back to have a fun costume themed reception!

We went to Alabama to visit Papa (Tim's dad) and Joann. We went to a pumpkin patch down there that was awesome! We found our spot for next year.

The twins teaching eachother how to fly

Trunk or Treat at Abba's House

Halloween at DivCo

Halloween afternoon, I had to set up my first party at room mom for Lyla's class. 

Halloween night, Lyla was too excited for trick or treaters that she couldn't eat at the table. She took her dinner to the front door to wait.

The kids were burnt out on their costumes from all the fall festivals and parties, so we raided the dress up box and came up with new costumes!

We planned ahead with Santa photos, and scheduled a shoot with Innamorata photography. They turned out GREAT!

out to lunch afterwards on a unseasonably warm day

LJ's birthday campfire at Chester Frost. Gorgeous Sunset!

That wraps up my favorite time of year. This has made me so excited for the upcoming months with the kids. I needed this on this dreary day while we all have cabin fever. 
Now, wonder if I can muster up enough energy to write about December!