Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lake Winnie

February 13th Remembering Lake Winne

I haven't been to Lake Winnie since like, the 10th grade? That was *&#@!*& years ago. Alot of years ago. I never really thought about going with the kids, because I honestly, I forgot about Lake Winnie. Yeah, I hear about people going but just either didn't think my kids were old enough or the amusement park was fun enough.
A wonderful person I go to church with had some free tickets and offered them to our family. We were so grateful!!! We even had enough to invite some friends, so Greg, Alexis and Alana joined us. We had soooo much fun and it will definitely be an annual trip.

The park hasn't changed much, but they did add on a water park! We went the week after the water park closed for the season (beginning of September), which was actually nice. It wasn't very busy and there were hardly any lines to wait in.

Liv REALLY enjoyed her ice cream

The cooling off sprinklers turned into a water park for Sean

Hated it...Hated it....Loved it.....

Only awesomely handsome daddy's can pull off a green turtle hanging on their back

Right after Greg and Alexis came off this ride, I was in line to get on. As I was walking towards my seat, a giant lightening bolt and thunder came out of the sky. We ran for cover and then the downpour came. One strong thunderstorm rolled through. It passed pretty quickly and cooled things down. It got scary for a minute!
We rode the indoor fun house ride a couple more times, then called it a day. Six hours at the park was just enough for everyone!

Oh what fun. Can't wait for this year!
(on a side note, just got the call that school is out tomorrow too. This winter won't go away!!!!!!!! I am just going to lose myself in blogging all the warm and fun days we have had)

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