Monday, April 29, 2013

Twenty Thirteen Take Two.

Good thing one of my New Years resolutions wasn't to keep a consistent schedule with my blog.

To my kids who will read this one day: I am sorry I let four months of cute pictures and stories of you guys slip away
To my readers: ummmm, hey mom! I think that is about the only person who reads this, lol.

I am not sure how to make up for four months.  A lot has happened.

Sean got tubes in his ears, and is finally consistently healthy (though as of tonight, I think he now has the croup)
Sean juiced up with silly juice ready to go back

I did two crafty things that I felt were Pinterest worthy for Valentines Day (this is a BIG deal in my book)
scored extra mom points with the organic lollipop
Lyla's valentines day card holder
on the preschool wall

Yarn Therapy expanded to now include the work of my mother's knitted dolls and animals, and my sisters polymer clay designs. Their talents are amazing! Browse our photo albums on our facebook page

 Livvi had her first piggy tails (again, big deal in this house!)

All three kids got the flu and strep throat at the same time.  Liv had to one up them and add on an ear infection. Five days at home, but we managed to have some fun :)

Easter was glorious, but cold!!!

Journey Church Easter egg hunt

Lyla and her BFF Alexis

Yarn Therapy is available in the first retail store, hopefully one of many more to come. Check out The Trendy Treehouse

that is my vehicle in the reflection. doesn't get hotter than a white mini van.

The twins started the "Bees Class" (2 year olds) a few weeks early. Funny, because they were held back for the 1 year old class because they were such little preemies!

Sean and Liv on their first day of the Bee's Class
Lyla's first day of the Bee's Class - just a few years ago

Tim got his masters degree, started a home business doing taxes and got a promotion at work.

We put our house on the market. We have house plans ready to go, just need to sell this house. Started a pinterest board of  "dream home" ideas.

The kids did about a million cute things.
Alana, Sean, Hannah and Livvi

Went to a bunch of birthday parties.

Alexis' 7th birthday
inbetween parties
my niece Kendra's sweet 16 party
my niece Hayleigh's 1st birthday

my niece Savannah's 1st birthday
my nephew Kyler's 16th birthday

my nephew Gabe's 2nd birthday

Hannah's 2nd birthday

Abby's 1st birthday

Spring has sprung and life got awesome again. Cookouts, lunch outside, picnics and outdoor play have entered our lives again.

The twins turn two in two weeks, and I am in party planning panic mode.  Speaking of, I really want to blog the kids past parties. Maybe in four more months.....
Also coming up, Lyla's preschool graduation and prom (said through a shaky voice). My brother and his wife's 25th wedding anniversary celebration. March for Babies (please click on link for more info!).  Family welcome to summer cookout. All in May. All  things I am planning. And all things I will blog! 

Oh, Oh, yeah!! I am in a photography contest for "Bad Wedding Photos".  Vote for our photo and read my story by going here. Share with your friends. Voting ends May 1st!

So hear I am, welcome me back. Lots on my mind. I have about 10 blogs written in my head that I have been wanting to write, let's see if I can get them out.

Geez, I think I just figured out why blogging took a back seat. This took forever. Goodnight!