Sunday, November 18, 2012


Yes, a little late I know.  I work a lot and have kids to take care....I am sure everyone understands, right? I am going to try and knock out a few blogs tonight. I don't want to fall behind, and I don't want to stop blogging. I am very excited about leaving a journal for my kids. I hope through all the fun activities, memories and gobs of pictures, they realize how much they are loved and wanted and the huge blessing they are to us all.

We had a halloween party at work, which was fun. Always nice to goof off a little.  We actually had an excuse today.

I dressed as a very cool rocker spider person. It worked. I mean, I had purple hair!

Halloween night, Tim had school.  He is almost done with his Masters degree, yay!! Just a few more classes, then we get him back all to ourselves. He had class this night, so I got the help of my dear friend and co-worker Laura.  She does "nanny night" for us while Tim is in school, and is a huge help!
We dressed up the kids, went to the local fire station and looked at the trucks. The twins are monsters and Lyla had a last minute costume change. She decided to wear her pink poodle costume from 2 years ago.  It barely fit, but it kept her happy!

we then hopped over to the neighboring church, where my mom attends and visited their trunk of treat. The Duck Dynasty trunk was my favorite!!!!

Afterwards, we went back to my neighborhood for a little door to door candy begging.  My mom, Mike, Tiff and the kids came to visit.  This was Gabe's first time to our house, I could hardly believe it!! They didn't get to go trick or treating, but we were just glad they got to come by.
Lyla had another costume change. This time she went back to her My Little Pony "rainbow dash" costume.  However, the pony mask hurt her head, so she opted for a pink sparkly santa hat and of course had to leave the poodle makeup on.  But once again, she was happy.  

The twins were fascinated with their cousin Savannah!

Our neighbor twin friends

the twins official first trick or treat

They got the hang of it VERY fast.  Stick out your hand.  Look cute. Get stuff.

Lyla's favorite neighbor friend, the black widow!!!!

mommy's nana and the baby granddaughters

Mike and Gabe

candy for all!!!!!

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