Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Fun

As fall is coming to and end and the holidays are quickly approaching, I figured it was time to document all the fun we have had this season.

Fall in Chattanooga is my favorite time of they year. 70-80 degrees (sometimes more!), sunny, beautiful colors, and lots of festivals! The festivals are definitely my favorite part.  I love always having something to do with the kids, and there is no shortage of kid friendly activities through October and November.

The first day of fall, Tim and I took the kids to the riverfront park and met up with my two best friends, Libby and Britney along with their girls

**side note, trying to type a blog with the twins crawling all over, hitting every key on the keyboard is getting a little bit frustrating.  Took me 15 minutes to get this much out! Nick Jr just saved me. Yeah, I did what I said I would never do.  The TV is my babysitter. So sue me.**

The riverfront park is so beautiful, on the water with a playground while downtown is busy behind you.
We let the kids run free and they had so much fun. We missed Lyla though, she was at her daddy's nana's house.

Alexis taking a walk with Liv, she is such a good friend!
Happy Liv!

Miss Hannah :)
Alexis and Lana, best friends/sisters

Libby, Me, Britney - BFF!

In October, was the start of fall festival season! First up was the kids learning center.  We dressed up the twins as skeletons, and Lyla was Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony.  I also had a Yarn Therapy table there, and my sister had her Scentsy table.  My mom, Mike, Tiff and Savvy, Britney, Jessie and Hannah, Greg, Libby, Alexis and Lana all joined us too.  Fun night!

my Yarn Therapy booth
making my sister model the Aly hat for me while she manned her Scentsy table

A few weeks later, it was time to celebrate Lyla's friend Libby (daughter of my good friend Laurie) 4th birthday. 

one of my twins playing with one of Laurie's twins

Lyla got to reunite with her teacher from her 2 year old class

Some random pictures from September, October and November

One Sunday we headed up the mountain to Daddys Nana's and PaPa's house.  We had a yummy lunch and then took a hike behind the house.  Came upon some beautiful scenery! Oh what I would've done to have my big camera with me to take some real pictures.  Thank goodness for iPhones :)
We headed back to the house to carve pumpkins and play in the leaves.

grandkids on the John Deere
burying daddy in leaves

another not so normal family photo

I didn't carve a single one, which is why they all look so great!

sweater boots! my favorite time of year is when I can wear these.  

me and my bestest friend in the whole wide world

daddy's nana and her grandkids

aunt sandi, tony and kyler....sandi is queen of the leaves

twig in her mouth? she fits right in

Tim taking his girls on a 4 wheeling ride

the twins really, really liked the leaves

The fall means we get to play in the backyard after work and school.  The summers are too stinking hot, so we take advantage when we can.  Lyla loves playing with her neighbor friend through the fence.  She sticks all her animals in the fence.  Yes, strange.  But it is cute!

on a mission to gather leaves

wacky day at school

football Friday at school - SEC cheerleaders

Lyla trying on my halloween wig.  It transformed her personality into a little diva!

another festival for Yarn Therapy! This one was at Soddy Daisy Elementary

did I mention I love boot weather?

Lyla thought it was hilarious to sit in the babies highchair.  Through her hysterical laughing she said "but do NOT feed me baby food!"

playdate with her boyfriend and his big sister

Carlos and Lyla playing in the firehouse

....and in the puppy's crate

a beautiful evening in our neighborhood

he's so cool in his skeleton hat, camo jacket and pink stroller

and now he is climbing. oh what fun lies ahead!

daddy taking his puppies for a walk

this is what happens when we "fall back" for the time change.  Liv falls asleep sitting up!

November 6th: New Aerosmith CD released!!!!!!!   So far  I am liking it. I haven't gotten to listen to it as much as I wanted.  Lyla actually asked to borrow it, hehe.  Oh, and she has been singing "Walk this Way,  Talk this Way, just give me a kiss" the past few days.  See the video: click here

Yesterday, we celebrated my best friends daughter's birthday.  It was a great party, and even better I got to see our group of friends and actually chat with the girls.  It doesn't happen often enough anymore.  We decided once the youngest round of kids gets past 2 and 3, we will be able to gather more often.  Right now, it is just chaos! But really cute and adorable chaos.  We all make really cute kids.

the birthday party ended with sledding down a hill of leaves. Big hit for sure with the kids!

Lyla and Liv

Today looked like it was going to be the last mild day for a while, possibly until spring? So we took full advantage of the back yard again!  

This pool has had everything in it other than water.  

As this season comes to an end, I very much look forward to winter and the holidays.  Hopefully I will have some snow pictures!

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