Saturday, December 1, 2012

Down on Main Street

December 1st was the 6th annual Main x24 festival.  It is a 24 hour block party on Main Street, Chattanooga. Very cool event, and I was so happy to be a part of it!!!

I set up my Yarn Therapy shop at the holiday market inside The Church on Main.  My sister and mom were kind enough to help me out and work with me.  This is a beautiful venue that is new to the area that has made it's home in an old church.  It is gorgeous inside and has so much character.  For my next wedding (To Tim of course!) I want my reception here, ha! I worked very very hard for this show. I didn't know what to expect, so I just made everything I could.  I ended up selling nothing but bows and flowers.  My main audience was made up of young girls looking to spend their allowance. I was honored they chose my stuff. Such cuties! Now I know what to focus on next year.  I also added to my display my father in laws horse shoes. I love these things, and make great door or wall hangings.  Lyla needs the purple one for her room, for sure. My little cowgirl :)

gift certificates now available!

 I took a break from the market and met Tim and the kids, Britney and Hannah, and went and watched the parade. It was so much fun! The parade was obvious that Chattanooga is full of rich culture and eccentric folks. My favorite part was the mutt strut.  I feel like I have been ready to adopt a dog for a few months now. It's almost been 3 years since my dear Tyler passed, and I think we are ready to start entertaining the idea of adding a canine family member.  However, we will be listing our house in the spring, so we really need to wait. But seeing all those adorable mutts, and especially that ones that needed a home, made my heart ache for a furry friend.
Britney and Hannah

My new favorite family photo. Once again, a normal everyone looking at camera photo that didn't (will it ever?) happen

beginning of the mutt strut

the pirate dogs threw chocolate coins!

shaking their booties to the marching band

lawnmower racing club

this girl was on the move, danced the day away! this time she was dancing to the sound of the lawnmowers. 

look closely, there is a girl on a swing between two bikes

end of the parade, the big man himself

My friends Twins....adorable duo!

my niece sweet savvy

Santa and Lyla cracking up about something?

another visit in a fire truck!

Aunt Tiffany, Savannah and Lyla

After the parade, we went back to the market and finished up our day. On the way home, Lyla my mom and I stopped at The Hot Chocolatier on Main Street for some treats and hot chocolate.  As we left there were many more events going on, some concerts and parties....kind of wish we set up a baby sitter and stayed downtown all night. Next year :)

Today was a great start to the holiday season. I am simply exhausted from today, but time to decorate the house with a little Christmas cheer.
Good night!

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