Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tripp'let update

All three kids are sleeping (yay me, thank you Babywise!) so I figured I would take a moment and journal a little about my three precious miracles.

I have a hard time even trying to put into words what these kids mean to me.  The love I feel is indescribable.    The gratitude for this life I have been blessed with is indescribable.

Ok so here goes....

Lyla, 3 years and 11 months old.  She is pretty small for her age in weight and height.  If you tell he she is little, she responds with "I am not little, I am petite!".  Her daddy taught her that.
Her imagination is so entertaining.  I need to do a better job at documenting the hilarious, insightful, and sweet things this child says.  She is the most gracious, generous and empathetic person I have ever met.  For example, I accidentally ate her cookie.  I know, bad mom.  I just didn't think she knew there was any left in her wrapper.  But uh, she did.  I felt terrible.  I kept telling her I was sorry.  Most toddlers would scream and cry.  Instead she responded with, "it's OK mommy.  I not mad.  Accidents happen".  And went on with her night.  She does stuff like that all the time.  It brings me to tears almost every time.  I am so proud of her and the way she treats other people.
She knows her ABC's and can identify each letter, it's sound, and a word that starts with that letter (for most of the alphabet). She can count to 30 in english, and 20 in spanish, knows her colors, shapes, animals, and knows a few site words.  She is getting ready to start a pre-K class and get kindergarten ready.
She is your typical girly girl, loves dress up, princesses and unicorns.  In fact, she is an active dreamer like me and my siblings, and she often dreams about unicorns.  One of my favorite things to do is when we wake up in the morning, we cuddle and tell each other our dreams.  Gahhhh, so in love with this cuddle bug.  She is my world.

Liv, 14 months old.  She is Lyla's twin sister when it comes to her looks and personality.  She is also small for her age in weight and height.  Another petite little princess.  She has a firecracker attitude, and doesn't put up with much.  If she wants something, she will get your attention one way or the other.  Liv is the most laid back of the three otherwise.  She likes to sit back and observe.  She has the most adorable smile and laugh, but you have to work for it.  She doesn't give up that cutness to just anybody.  Liv has four teeth, and just started walking.  She took a couple of steps right when she turned 14 months and two weeks later is beginning to use it as her main mode of transportation.  I love love love the zombie walking stage.  It is sooo cute!!!! She says "uh oh" but no other words just yet.  She babbles alot, so she is saying something, but only she knows what. There is no such thing as a food that she doesn't like.  This girl loves food and loves to eat.  Their portions are about equivalent to Tim and I.  She eats about four times as much as Lyla. I don't know where this petite dainty girl puts it. Liv has music running through her blood.  She is very in tune to music.  The moment it comes on, she dances with her entire body. I would say she is going to be some sort of musician or dancer. Either way, she is going to steal some hearts!

Sean, 14 months old.  Sean is direct opposite of either of his sisters.  He has thick blond hair, and has already had two haircuts. Which is hilarious, because Lyla just really got hair in once she turned 3, and finally had her first hair cut when she was 3.5.  She didn't need one but it was just for memory sake, Liv is following that same path.  Sean has bright blue eyes.  He is gorgeous.  He will smile and laugh for days. His laugh is contagious! I have never heard anything like it.  You just look at that boy and he breaks into a giggle fit or will flash a smile that melts your heart.  He is all boy.  Loves balls, trucks and knocking stuff over. We call him bulldozer.  If he needs to get something, he will crawl over anything and knock stuff out of his way.  He crawled first, but is the second to walk.  He took a step before Liv, but never did again until recently.  He is now standing on his own without falling, and occasionally takes three or four steps.  But he then falls forward, and when he falls, he falls hard! This boy is solid muscle.  He is tough physically.  Not so much emotionally.  He loves his mommy, loves to cuddle and loves to be held.  He gets his feelings hurt pretty easily. Sean still has no teeth! It doesn't slow him down from eating.  Like Liv, he loves to eat and will eat absolutely anything.  He eats the same portion as Liv, which is equal to Tim and I, and four times as much as Lyla.  Sean's favorite thing to do is throw the ball and hope that someone throws it back.  That, and beat on things with a plastic knife and fork.  I think he will for sure be an athlete of some sort, and perhaps a drummer? This boy is just so lovable.  People instantly fall in love with him.

Some of my favorite pictures from the past year
cooling off in the hot summer at the water fountains

strike a pose! riverfront walk

this is how they react to a clean playroom....DESTROY!

ready for the beach!

loves the sun

big sister giving little brother ice cream.  sibling love!

checking out the animals at the zoo

more zoo animals


putting on a brave face to go in the big kids pool

one of my favorite pictures of all three kids

cool lil dude

playing with daddy is their favorite!

mommy, please no more picture!

proud of their British heritage, they love marmite!

twinkie dinks

cool lil chick

bath time!

Kiss me I'm Irish (for the day)

future drummer

Easter egg hunt!

happy happy happy :)

Disney on Ice

searching for bones

lil firecrackers, happy 4th of July!

staying cool on 4th of July

Happy Easter!

my family