Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Sunday night

Last Sunday, I wrote about the 11 things I must accomplish to have a good Sunday.  And here we are again, so quickly it snuck up on me.  Did I reach my ultimate goal that I work so hard for every Sunday? Nope. Not even close.  Even further away than last Sunday.

As a recap, here is my "to achieve a happy Sunday" list:

1. Have a great worship experience at church (
2. Go to lunch with family/friends OR get home before kids fall asleep to feed them lunch
3. Put all three kids down for a nap which lasts for a full two hours
4. Take a nap myself
5. Have all laundry that is clean, folded and put away. I would say all laundry done, but ha! Yeah right.
6. House all picked up and everything in its place
7. Do something fun
8. Plan menu for the upcoming week
9. Grocery shopping complete
10. All marketing caught up for Yarn Therapy, any work i brought home for DivCo complete, and a couple of yarn therapy orders to work on
11. See family at any point during the day

This Sunday I got to accomplish #7, and that is it.  One little thing off my list. In fact, I did a few things that weren't even on my list that should actually be deductions, like go in to the office. That is like a -5.  So that puts me at a total of -4 for this Sunday.  Next week will better. I am cooking up a good idea for next week.  It of course will only accomplish #7 again, but I think it may be worth it.

Lyla and Nana, Happy Birthday!
ice cream face!
ice cream face part two!

I have had the laziest most unproductive weekend.  For most, that is a relaxing weekend but for me it is not.  I can't stand either being lazy or not getting anything done.  The lazier I was, the less motivation I had. And it lasted alllll weekend.  We did get out of the house last night.  It was my beautiful mother's birthday.  We took her out to Sweet Frog's, a yummy frozen yogurt place.  Definitely a new family favorite.

This morning, everyone slept so late, kids included, that we missed church.  I know it is selfish, and I always regret it, but it is so hard to wake them up when they sleep that late.  We make these poor kids get up so early at the butt crack of dawn during the week.  It isn't often an issue on Sunday, so when they do sleep...I let them.  After lunch, I had to go into the office while the kids napped to catch up on some work I missed last week due to sick kids and concerts.  I was dreading it. Not the actual work part, I was excited to get some stuff done so I could have a smooth upcoming week.  I was dreading the fact that I would be alone in the building, with a mouse.  Yes, a mouse.  One was spotted running into my office on Tuesday while I was at lunch.  We put two traps out.  One in my closet and one in a corner.  I was terrified to check them. Terrified.  If I saw a dead mouse, I would probably leave and never go back.  I was so relieved when I saw that one of the press operators were there.  Before I went into my office, I asked him to please please please go check my mouse traps. He so kindly did. And yup, a dead mouse in the closet.  He took care of it, and I was so grateful! I had a good two productive hours of work.  I only jumped, flinched or got startled a few times from strange noises.  I know there must be more of these little unwelcomed rodents somewhere. I thought they were coming to get me.

Lyla was pouting because she couldn't sit sideways
When I got home, all the kids had woken up and I was ready to go do something.  I needed to get out of the house and do something fun! So we went to the zoo.  Lyla loves loves loves the zoo.  Her favorite animals are the jaguars (thank you Go Diego Go!).  We stayed about an hour, rode the carousel and then headed to our favorite shopping place, Target.  I was absolutely delighted to see that they have these awesome shopping carts that fit three kids!

I guess they have seen me in their store numerous times struggling, and decided to help me out.  Not that I needed a reason to go to Target anymore than I already do, but at least now I know I can handle all three on my own so I am more likely to go more often.  Yay!

I all of the sudden got motivation to do #5, 6 and 8.  I better get on that....

Happy Sunday! Enjoy some pictures from our day at the Zoo

we love our wagon for the twins! Best twin purchase yet.

waiting to get a glimpse of the jaguar

we love butterflies!

"we got fun and games!!!" The zoo is so rock n roll :)

she is getting so good at walking

loading up and headed out


  1. I didnt accomplish much today either. The majority of the time I am upset and disappointed with myself when I don't get much done but today I was happy and content being waterlogged in our pool with Sav. (twice). Hope to make a trip to the zoo with y'all one day.

    1. When I get down on myself for not being productive, I get even more unproductive. Nasty little cycle!!! I almost called you guys to see if you wanted to meet, but I saw that you guys were getting te pool out. Did she love it?

    2. Great story. Speaking of zoos we had a mobile zoo kids party that was great for the kids.
      It didn't come cheap though.

    3. She did love the pool. And so did I :) I see a bigger, in-ground pool in our future, when we are rich!!... Is there a way to get notifications on these blogs when I comment because I'm just happening to come across these. I'm blog stalking you!!! haha

  2. Please get an in ground pool, or a boat. That would be great, thanks!!
    I don't know of a way to get notifications on comments. I suppose you will just have to stalk my blog :)
    You can subscribe by email though!