Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aerosmith: then and now (me, not them)

Aerosmith is my favorite band.  I love them, their music, their style, everything.  I have seen them 27 times in concert.  Yup, 27. I had always been a die hard fan of their music but didn't go to my first concert until the late 90's in Raleigh NC.  After that show, I was addicted! In just a few short years I had met the band numerous times at book signings, concerts and stalking hotels.  This went on for a few years, made lots of friends in the Aerosmith community that I am still friends with today, traveled to many cities and got to see lots of great music!! Such a great, fun, irresponsible time in my life.  Unfortunately, my desire to photograph and document life didn't start until I got married in 2006.  So alot of my stories are becoming faded memories.  I am fortunate to have a few pictures though!
Steven Tyler and I, Charleston SC 1998

Me, Tom Hamilton (bassist), Lauren, Charleston 1998

Peabody Hotel Memphis, TN 1997.  Unprepared with anything to sign, so uh, I  asked him to sign me!
I know I have some really great concert footage photos, I will have to dig those out and scan them in.  Too bad there weren't iPhones around back then.  

I haven't been to an Aerosmith concert in quite a few years.  I missed the last tour.  Not that I stopped loving their music, or getting that natural high from seeing them live.  My priorities just changed. Kids will do that to ya.  I didn't like missing their last tour.  First tour I have missed since the 90's. It sucked out loud. 
Well, the bad boys of Boston are back out on the road, and this mommy is headed south to Atlanta to see them!

So here we are a day before the show. It's a little different now. Right now I am sitting at the doctors office waiting for my son to be seen (snotty, congested, possible ear infection). Back then, I would've been working an extra bar shift to earn some gas money to get to the show. I thought it would be fun to do a little "then and now", concert series.

Then: something completely hoochie mama and inappropriate. Was planned down to the detail months before. Complete with hair makeup and jewelry.
Now: concert tshirt, and the cleanest pair of shorts with the least amount of smell from the hamper found that morning. I might touch up my makeup once we get there, if I remember.

Prepare to go out of town for the day
Then: double check I have cash, ID and a sharpie
Now: put tickets in a safe place in the car the night before, update oil change on car. Charge phone, pack chord. Set out clothes and meals for kids. Get all potential medicines needed out and ready to distribute. Put house in order, who wants to come home to a messy house? Balance check book and pay bills and figure out exactly how much money I have and need for traveling. Get all clients taken care of, all quotes and orders in, delegate responsibilities out to employees.

Then: anywhere, anything
Now: pictures of my kids wearing Aerosmith shirts

Tickets stubs
Then: thrown into my night stand drawer to be rediscovered years later
Now: digital file saved on the computer in a folder labeled "concert tickets"

Many things in my life have changed. I would say marriage and kids, and growing up in general have been a big reason for that. But bigger than that is my faith. I learned what is most important in life. I strive to be more Christ like and live life like Him. Hardest thing ever. I am not a very good Christian, but He still loves me. That's a good feeling. I love God, I love people, and I am working towards being a better follower. I am still the same me and know how to have fun, rock out, and enjoy life. I have just learned how to prioritize what is most important.

However, getting pictures with the band tomorrow is going to be pretty important!!

Looking forward to a fun road trip with a good friend to see a great band. Check back, there are sure to be lots of photos!

Here are a few picture of the kids rocking out their Aero shirts.  They are sitting on the tshirt quilt my sister Jacqui made for me.  It is made out of numerous concert tshirts I have collected over the years!! Some from shows I went to as a fan, and some shows that I worked greenroom for House of Blues MB.


  1. Rock on sister!!! Great post! Love the then/now comparisons. Have fun, be safe, and do at least one irresponsible thing in the tradition of ROCK N ROOOOOOOOLL!!!!!!

    1. Thanks!!! If I can remember some of the more specific stories, I will definitely post a couple. And I assure you, I will do at least one irresponsible thing tomorrow :)