Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Night

Sunday nights can easily be my favorite time of the week. They can also be the worst! In order for it to be my favorite, the following must happen:

1. Have a great worship experience at church (
2. Go to lunch with family/friends OR get home before kids fall asleep to feed them lunch
3. Put all three kids down for a nap which lasts for a full two hours
4. Take a nap myself
5. Have all laundry that is clean, folded and put away. I would say all laundry done, but ha! Yeah right.
6. House all picked up and everything in its place
7. Do something fun
8. Plan menu for the upcoming week
9. Grocery shopping complete
10. All marketing caught up for Yarn Therapy, any work i brought home for DivCo complete, and a couple of yarn therapy orders to work on
11. See family at any point during the day

This Sunday, I hit 3 out of 10 (church, fun, family) That would normally put me in a grumpy mood, but today was different! Not sure why. Hard to explain, but I fill very fulfilled and satisfied. Was it that I finally got to see my mom? She has been in Guatemala on a missions trip and just got home. She came over to visit today. She shared a few stories, gave the kids some gifts, showed some pictures. Yup, that's it. My mom. Just knowing she is home safe and sound, I feel complete again!!
After our visit with mom, I decided to ditch #s 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 to accomplish #7. All five of us went downtown to the park to do some box sledding. Hadn't done that this summer. It's free, we love free activities! Lyla my 3 year old complained the whole time. She was hot, clothes got wet, didn't want to walk, needed shade, etc etc. so after about twenty minutes and a few tumbles (me) and a bit tongue (Tim) we headed to our favorite restaurant, welcome to Moes!! Ended up a pretty good day.

So that is all I have to say about this Sunday. Next Sunday I will of course strive to hit 11 out of 11. It happens more than you would think!

Going to check out how my Yarn Therapy sweepstakes on Facebook is going. Giving away a hat, hope people actually enter. Then going to watch a controversial show, Small Town Security on AMC featuring one of our friends. That show will need its own post.

Good night!!


  1. We need to take Lincoln sledding. I bet he would love it! Let us know next time you guys go.

  2. Very cool! Love the blog! I love lists. It's so nice to download your brain onto paper in list format. It serves as stress and anxiety relief. You may have inspired me to put "start a blog" on my To Do List.

    1. Thanks mike!!! You really should write one. You are an absolutely amazing writer with the best thoughts and views on life. People would really get a treat if they could get in your brain :). Do it!!!