Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gettin my color on!

I am sitting under a heater, getting my hair color touched up. On my third round of the same style, deep brown with burgundy red slices of color.
It's enough to appear edgy yet be professional for my job. Or, better said, rocker career mommy 'do.

I am not a huge fan of getting my hair done, or pedicures, facials, any of that sort of stuff. I love the end result, I just hate the time it takes to do it.
I have lots of hair. Lots lots lots of naturally curly hair. Getting my hair done is an all evening event!! Because of that I put off getting it done. I wait until I have over an inch of roots, split ends and hair has faded to pink.
But here I am getting it done. Need fresh hair for my upcoming Aerosmith concert, yay!!

I get my hair done at a private salon called The Cutting Room in Ringgold GA, run by Sandi James. She does great hair, reasonable prices, sweet as can be, oh...and she is my bosses wife. Email her to set up an appointment!

She has been gracious enough to carry some of my Yarn Therapy products to help me get started. It will be great to have my stuff available for people to see and touch and hopefully buy. We will see how it does!

Ok, back to hair. I figured since I have had this crazy hair for 35 years and struggled with it all my life and never had anyone to turn to and help me. I am posting my hair routine. Maybe I can help some teenage girl that is hating her natural curls right now.

  • First and most important step: pik through hair while in shower with conditioner. Once you rinse, a comb, brush or pik should never enter your hair again. You can use your fingers, but as little as possible. The point is that you don't want separate any strands of hair. The more separation, the more the kinky frizz
  • Towel dry hair by squeezing not rubbing. Leave about 50% wet.
  • Finger through in large sections with bed head control freak conditioner. Nope, don't rinse it out
  • Finger through in large sections with bed head control freak serum
  • Finger through in large sections with an over the counter gel, I use garnier fructise.
  • Squeeze all excess water and product out, this also helps distribute product.
  • Complete by scrunching in an over the counter mousse for curls. I use garnier fructise.
  • I use my fingers to place hair and part where I want it, then let it air dry. Yeah, it kind of sucks having wet hair for the first few hours of the day so I avoid scheduling morning meetings with clients!

Took me 35 years to come up with this, but always open to suggestions....

Bed Head by Tigi is by far my favorite hair products out there.  I have tried everything. And I mean everything!!!! If I could afford using all of their products for my whole routine, I sure would.

beauty can be scary

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