Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend wrap up: 2parties, pancakes, horses and slaying dragons!

Another weekend is behind us and more fun memories were made!!

Saturday we had two birthday parties. Each were for little boys of two of my close friends.  Both at the same time! Tim and I decided to divide and conquer. I took Sean to Ian's party and Tim took the girls to Lincoln's party. I love saying "the girls". For some special reason it makes me smile.
I was a terrible on Saturday and didn't take a single picture. Ian had a Pirates of Caribbean pool party, or as I like to say, a Johnny Depp party!! We were late because of nap schedules, so only got to stay one hour. It was nice to see my friends I don't get to see as often as I would like. We left in time to catch the end of Lincoln's party at pump it up.  Once Sean and I got there, we had time to go down the inflatable slide one time before it was cake time! Lincoln had an adorable umi zoomi party. His mom has a blog and has some pics of the party over at the Barajas Bunch.
After the double header birthday party, all five of us headed to Earthare to get in on some good deals. If you aren't signed up for their email and text coupons, do it!!! We had a 5 for $5 coupon and got applesauce, cereal, cookies, peanut butter and jelly. All organic. Then we had a coupon for a free pound of fresh chicken with a $5 purchase. Great shopping trip!! It's possible we went back and got a few rounds of that deal....

Saturday night for dinner, we decided to start a new fun family tradition. Pancake dinner! Lyla of course loved it. I love the inexpensive dinner option. Tim made it fun and made some silly pancakes. I fried up some eggs for a little nutrition. Next week we are doing chocolate chip pancakes!

Tim made Lyla a pancake man

My lil Turkey

Sunday we got to spend with family, which is always my favorite way to spend the weekends. We went to "daddy's nanas" (Tim's mom) house to meet up with his grandma and aunt that were in town for the day. We cooked out and played with the kids and just enjoyed each others company. 
Grandma feeding the twins lunch

 Sean is a natural at the piano. Yay!!!

Aunt Tracie and Livvi

Lyla spends time up there every week and loves to ride horses. I have never actuall seen her go on a real ride!! So papa saddled up Blade and Lyla was set. She stayed on by herself for a few minutes, then requested daddy's nana to ride. Then she decided she wanted to go on a ride into the woods so she and papa rode off into the sunset.
Tim, Nana and I took the babies out to the pool. As I had one toe in the water it thundered, grrrr. It had been beautiful all day!!! We went back inside and I started to get a little concerned about Lyla since they weren't back yet. I was afraid it was going to rain on her. She doesn't do well with getting wet. She is a cowgirl but she is also a princess. Right then the rain came, hard. Tim decided to drive down the road to try and meet them and drive Lyla back. Just then, they came trotting up to the house. Lyla looked calm, surprisingly. As soon as she saw Tim she cried saying the thunder scared her. I met her at the door with a towel, wrapped her up and cuddled her. Love my cuddle bug. She was still upset. I told her she smelled like wet horse and she busted into giggles. All was well again!!!
getting Blade ready to ride

She loves to ride!

Sean, not so much into horses

Lyla having a fit because she did not want to share her saddle with Sean!

Nana and Lyla

Nana and Sean

On another note, my mom spent Saturday on the first leg of her trip to see our yankee family. She decided to take the scenic route. She missed the Cleveland exit to get to Cherokee NC. Se called me to look at the map to see if she could still get to Cherokee from the Sweetwater exit. I look at google maps and say, sure!! Just get on 411 to hwy 129 and that should get you there.
Hours and hours later, she calls and explains that she was on quite the drive.  Apparently that highway is famous for its curvy roads. If you drive it, you have slayed the dragon!!! They even have photographers set up all through this highway to take pictures of you driving as a momento. Angels were definitely watching over my mom. Thank God she made it safely!!!
The next morning, she decided to find the interstate, no more scenic routes for her. Except this time, she called my brother for directions. Hmmm?

And some other fun pictures from the weekend of the twins.....

This girl LOVES music.  She has music in her soul.  I love to watch her listen to music.

Fire Marshall Liv

Seans horse ears head band, it has a mullet in the back, too funny!

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