Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yarn Therapy

So I was thinking the other day, I haven't made a hat in a while. So I made a hat.  I want to make more hats and headbands, but I don't want to wait until my season (October-February) hits. So I am came up with a great idea! Make what I want, and Auction it off on the Yarn Therapy facebook page.

I figure this is a win/win for all. I get to stay fresh with my hookin' while designing new items and trying out new colors, themes, etc. You all get bargain pricing!

Here is how it works.

  1. I will make stuff, whatever I want in whatever size/color. Could be hats, headbands, barrettes, bows, necklaces, bracelets, dolls, animals or scarves.
  2. I will post it on facebook and describe the details of the product, along with the starting bid which will start off at a bargain price, at least 50% off regular pricing.
  3. Auction will last 24 hours.
  4. Simply comment with your bid in increments of .50
  5. I will be the last to comment awarding the winner!
  6. I will contact the winner via message to set up payment and shipping

Will I take requests and suggestions for products? Sure! Why not.
I will post at least one item per week, possibly more.
I will continue Auctions through until the fall when custom orders and shows ramp back up

Keep gift giving in mind. Yarn Therapy makes great baby shower, birthday and Christmas gifts.

Do NOT miss a post, sign up for updates! Simply go to Yarn Therapy on Facebook, hover with your mouse over the "liked" button and select "get notifications".  
Also, share this with your friends! The more interest I have, the more I will make and auction off.

I am so grateful for all of my friends, family and customers. You guys are amazing!!!
Look out for the first production coming soon.....

Some pictures from the catalog of products available. As always, if you see something you like and would like to place a custom order, email vanessa@nessasyarntherapy or message me on Facebook.

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