Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tripp'lets update

The twins had their well check yesterday, so time for an Tripp'let update!

Olivia is 26 pounds now and wearing 24 month clothes. I am about to transition her into 2T clothes for the summer.  From what I can remember, Lyla's hand me downs are way cuter in that size than the 24 month clothes.  Liv has finally become a picky eater. She still eats better than what big sister did at this age. Fruit is her favorite food. Any kind of fruit, but especially bananas. She eats one a day but would have more if we allowed. As soon as she walks in the door from daycare, she immediately goes to the kitchen whining "nana, nana, nana". Her other favorite food is tortilla chips. We eat at Moes! alot. She used to eat a big bowl of rice, bean, chicken, veggies, cilantro, tomatoes etc.... but now she won't touch it and just wants the chips.  Her attitude is definitely one that I am not used too. She is very spirited and has LOTS of personality. When she is misbehaving and gets in trouble, she smirks at you with the most mischievous grin, like she knows exactly what she did and she did it on purpose!
howdy cow girl, what kind of trouble can I get in today?
 I have said from the beginning we will have our hands full with her, and we were right. Not sure which discipline method is going to work best, still trying a few different things out. Popping her hand or but definitely isn't the way. She laughs. Time out actually seems to get to her more.

ready to go to Nana's house

watching a little TV and looking as sweet as can be

so ready to be a big girl
turn my back for two seconds......

how to NOT wear a Yarn Therapy headband (silly photographer)

whoever invented these carts does not have two year old twins. they pulled, hit and  fought the entire shopping trip!

accessories by Liv

little Miss Priss got on the horse, and so did Liv! hahahaha.

not playing nice with eachother

look at that smile....

and that smile.....

shopping with mom for some Q time

snuggles with mama on mother's day
On the flip side of her feisty side, she is so loving, so sweet and has a smile that will fix any bad day. If I have any sort of sad face or look of disappointment  she is the first to run and bury her head in me with snuggles. She is definitely a mama's girl. Her and Lyla both share compassion as their primary trait. If Sean is crying she will always run to his rescue with a toy, paci or blanket to help soothe him. She is happy most all of the time. She talks non stop. No one understands her, but she is saying something! She will go on for five minutes and knows exactly what she is saying. She looks at us like it is our problem for not understanding her! She loves to play with accessories. Bows, headbands  necklaces, bracelets.  She cries if she is not wearing a headband or bow or some kind. She likes to sleep in them, and and I try to sneak in there and take them off shortly after. I have been busted a few times and met with hysterical crying. She really, really, really loves her bows. Which is good for my Yarn Therapy business. I always have a model!
Her favorite show is Dora or Diego, but she recently has taken a liking to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Minnie Mouse especially. Probably because she wears a big bow!
watching Mickey mouse club house
She is still taking a paci, but about to break her from it. We are ready to start potty training within the next few weeks.
Liv is the type of kid that will draw on the walls (was a first today, actually... and then went and hid in the closet) and when there is no noise, she is into something. Don't turn your back on this little dare devil.

This little girl has stolen my heart, and will probably end up breaking my heart...I am soooooo in love with her and so is Lyla. They are quickly becoming best friends.

Sean is 28 pounds and wearing 2T. He is solid muscle. Tim says he is a brick with arms and legs, and it's about true.  He is all boy. Runs like a line backer, talks with a growl, and looks like a beast!  Sean is still a pretty good eater. He is now out weighing his sisters in portions by quite a bit.  He says "mo, mo, mo, mo" while his mouth is still full, wanting more food.  He does not like fruit, at all. He loves veggies though! He and Liv will exchange fruits and veggies. They definitely know each others like and dislikes. We love to sit back and watch them interact. His favorite after school snack has recently been raisins or yogurt raisins. I don't know if it is the actual snack he likes, or the fact that he has his own box and feels independent.

surfer boy

mean mama putting bows in my hair, but it is FUNNY!

Sean is a little bit behind in his speech and is just now putting two and three words together. He is great with his manners, as are his sisters, and says "dat chu" (thank you) a lot. Tonight he said dat chu mommy.  I was very proud he put three words together! He doesn't try to talk often and would rather point and cry. He gets very frustrated and will have little tantrums.  We are working with him to use his words instead. I think once he starts talking a little more and can communicate better, his crying will back off. At least we are hoping so!
This boy LOVES his daddy and papa.  They are the only people he wants to be around or talk too. He will break down doors to get to them. 
His favorite toys are cars, trucks and balls. Such a boy. He can throw like a 10 year o
ld. He is my first and only boy, but I think he may be very talented in sports. He has taken a liking to the lacrosse net, so we'll see. His other favorite toy is anything that pushes around. He will spend an hour pushing a toy stroller around the back yard. For his birthday my best friend got him a bubble mower, so now he has something even more exciting to push around, and is very happy about it!

His favorite show is Diego, however he will watch anything. He likes TV a little too much. He loves books too though, we just need to rip him away from the TV to get him started on a book. Once he starts reading, he stays pretty focused.
I love my tough wimpy little boy.  He is so much fun to just sit back and watch and play, and when he is in the mood he is such a sweet cuddler.  When is in not in the mood, he won't pay you a single bit of attention. Love my boy!!!!!

Lyla is 32 pounds and transitioning from 4T to 5T clothes.  She recently graduated preschool and will begin Kindergarten this coming August. It is all surreal right now, I am sure I will cry about it later.
the most proud I have ever seen this sweet face
Lyla and her best friend Carlo before graduation
and after graduation!

After the ceremony, we got her ready for the Prom, masquerade theme

Of course her date was Carlos

Ms. Karen and Lyla

Lyla is a very picky eater. Your typical young kid that just wants the crap to eat. She has a few favorite meals that I make....tuna casserole, chicken enchiladas, chicken casserole.  She does not like to try new things or anything that looks different to her. Its annoying and frustrating, but we have a rule that you have to try a bite before you say you don't like it. She eats plenty of fruit and carrot sticks, so I am not too worried about her nutrition.
Our new tree swing
At dinner time every night, we each ask each other what their favorite part of the day is. She usually scores brownie points by answering with things like "when my mommy came to pick me up" or "when my daddy came home". Smart kid.
even holds me!
Lyla continues to be compassion with her big ole soft heart.  We have quickly become best friends, and I love spending every moment with her. She is so tender, mild, silly and fun! Her very favorite thing to do is cuddle. I am serious. If you make eye contact with her, next thing you know she zombie walks over to you with arms out saying "cuddle". Am I complaining? Nope. I love it.

Pre K picture

rock star day at school, she won best dressed!
Purple is still her favorite color. Her favorite tv shows are Team UmiZoomi, Peter Rabbit, My Little Pony, and anything on Netflix. She can work that iPad inside and out. She is very functional on the computer as well. I love that she is technologically inclined, will get her far in life. She also loves Rock N Roll!
Bon Jovi was on and she said "I never want to take these headphones off!"

She recently did her kindergarten development screening and did very well, as expected. 

Kindergarten registration day. She was nervous!
The main area we need to focus on is her fine motor skills. She scored poorly in that area which all was a result of how she holds her pencil. We were given a summer reading list. We will be picking 2 books every Saturday, and are now members our of local library.
I want so much for this little girl, and she has so much potential.  I am continuing to pray that she gets into the magnet school we have worked hard for, and we still remain on the waiting list. I am not worrying about it because I know He has a plan, and no matter what good things are going to come to Lyla. In the mean time, she will be going to kindergarten with her cousin so that is great news!
Her favorite thing to play with is animals, especially horses (see Blue Ribbon blog, will link later). She isn't into dolls. Just animals, of all kinds. She has a special connection with them I do believe.
Her imagination is like none other, I have been told. If you start asking her questions about what she is playing with or drawing, you are in for one detailed and interesting story. She says she wants to be a "horse rider and dolphin trainer" when she grows up.

We have taken this entire week off work and have been enjoying our city in a Tripp Family Staycation (will link to blog once I write about it). I am off to go finish packing. I had to take a break and finish this blog I started a few weeks ago. I was getting frustrated because it was taking as long, and as much crap, to get ready for a two day getaway as it did last year for a 7 day beach vacation. I started thinking we should've just gone to the beach, but it is too late now. However, I have a feeling that after two days away we might just be ready to come home :)

2013 Spring Pictures. The twins are not following in Lyla's photogenic foots steps when it comes to class pictures!
Lyla at the same age (and same outfit that Liv is in)
Making Wishes, Making Memories

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