Thursday, July 1, 2010

i have decided to start a blog. yes, me vanessa. the one who hates to read and write. my mind is full of thoughts revolving around our latest attempt to grow our family. i started to think "what if i forget all these feelings one day!". i believe what i am feeling needs to be documented and reread in the future. i want my children to know how badly they were desired. i want to remind myself how badly i desired them. who knows, reminding myself of all of this one day in the future might get me through some other rough times.

so, what i am going to do is add in some of my previous journals i have written a few months ago. journals i started so i could document my ivf cycle. i started them, and never finished them...but i will fill in the pieces as i can.

my main reason for starting this blog is to take the reader through our journey of in vitro fertilization
. the ups and the downs, the left and the rights. but eventually, i hope to turn this into a blog about our family and all the great adventures we will be living, and the amazing milestones we will witness as our child(ren) grow.


  1. I am so excited you finally started a blog!!!

  2. When your kids are older, blogs will be like microfiche, outdated, but really cool to explore and read through... Vintage!!

    1. this post was written years ago, I get all teary eyed reading it now. My dream was to turn this blog into our family adventures one day, and here we are! No need to write about the pains and struggles of trying to grow our family...because we are all here now :)